Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin

March 19 0 Comments Category: Rambling

I like to do keyword research, it’s part of my job, but I also find it really interesting. I noticed today that the search phrase “Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin” gets several hundred searches a month, yet there are no results. That is odd. It’s odd because it’s rare that something hasn’t been written about specifically, or a phrase used, but it’s also odd because there are a ton of Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I don’t know any personally, gangs scare me, but since the city is basically surrounded by a ghetto, it’s a safe bet their are Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin. (you see what I am doing here).  After doing just a small amount of research, I can see that there are plenty of links 736,000 that reference Gangs and Milwaukee, but so far no one has a page title of Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin. So, I guess I will be #1 for that search.

If you are looking for information on Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin, I’m sorry, you have come to the wrong place. I really don’t know much about them, except that they have taken to attacking bus drivers, shooting people at bus stops, and killing innocent bystanders. If this were an IQ test, the conclusion that would could draw from this is that Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin don’t usually drive their own cars, and they have pretty bad aim.

If you are looking for anymore info on Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin, you should probably hit the back button and return to Google. I am sure you can dig up some FOX 6 news story about Gang members hiding in your drain.  I bet Brad Hicks is the one covering it.  Hi Brad Hicks!!!

EDIT: This is why I love keyword research. In constructing this stupid page, I stumbled on an excellent article on gangs in milwaukee wisconsin. So see? This page did provide some value! Article is here:

EDIT #2: Two hours later I am now the #4 link in Google for Gangs in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Viva La WordPress baby!

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