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Sometimes you have to get ugly to get peoples attention. This is apparently the case with My girlfriend got a pre-approved credit card in the mail from The site claims to make luxury items affordable. They don’t, what they do is send pre-approved credit cards out to people with spotty credit, dazzle them with high ticket items and get them on the never ending payment plan. That’s not such a surprise, however, what happens next is. If you are researching , read on. Questionable Business Practices

My girlfriend Sarah was checking out the site and she found a good deal, a really good deal. She has been looking for a plasma or LCD TV, Venue had some. They were a couple hundred dollars more than everyone else, but as I said, they target people who probably cant get credit elsewhere. She ran across a hell of a deal, a 50″ Plasma for $4. Yes, $4. Obviously a misprint – but what the heck right? SO she did what we would all do, she ordered 3. We were joking about it, wondering if it would slip through. There have been plenty of instances where online merchants got careless and had to pay the price. Eventually she called to check, she got a rude customer service person on the phone. He said – so are you ready for the TV’s? She said “are you going to sell them to me as advertised?”. He said “We obviously cannot sell you a plasma tv for $4″. The the executive office canceled it. We thought that was the end.

We just logged on to her account, 2 weeks later. The shipping charges are still there. $200 per TV and she is being charged for that! 2 more calls to customer service, no satisfaction. So tonight I called, sometimes a male voice is all you need. I got someone who was probably in a call center in Bangalore. I asked why the shipping charges were still there, she was baffled, baffled because she THOUGHT THEY SENT THE ORDER! She asked me if I received the item, I said obviously not, it was canceled. Again, nothing, we will be contacted within 48 hours.

Legal Recourse? I think there just might be!

Now what gets interesting here is I contacted my friend who is a hot shot attorney in Miami. I asked him if they had to honor the online price, even if it was a mistake, and he said NO – As long as they give the money back.  Well, they haven’t. So this could get interesting. Illegal Business Practices by

If you look for on the web, there is no mention of them, nothing, no reputation, nothing. I am guessing that the complaints will start piling up. I am also guessing that when someone goes looking for information on they are going to see this post. DO NOT DEAL WITH VENUE.COM ! They prey on people who are denied expensive items due to bad credit then engage in obvious shady business practices.

Now, a  note to the person from Venue who is paid to search for word on the internet: I am an internet marketer by trade. I specialize in internet promotions and search marketing. Within a week I can have 20 horrible reviews pop up for anyone looking for Venue, and I have the time to do it. So, if I were you I would bite the bullet and handle this.

Next comes the BBB, then, then , well.. You know. I can trash your name in a week, it will take you months and thousands of dollars to repair it. That’s a lot of time and much more expensive than a 50″ plasma.

The kicker here is that the reason we were even on the site was that she was going to order a 40″ LCD tonight but cannot because of the shipping charges.

VENUE.COM You will get a post a day and 10 links that you don’t want (per day) until this is settled.

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  1. Just an update. Here are some stats. Looks like people are looking for info on being a scam

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  2. Another update. I am getting 20-30 people a day to this site that are looking for information on Do you know how much business I am causing you to lose? Just think, if each customer is valued over a lifetime at about $2500, wow, even in 1:10 people who are discouraged from this post, well you’re out THOUSANDS!!.. Maybe TENS OF THOUSANDS.

    Idiot scammers, do you read the reviews of your site? is getting trashed everywhere, it just took the search engines a little while to index the pages.

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  3. Thanks a lot for this review. I was seriouly thinking about ordering from Venue. Now I know not to. Another lost customer.

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  4. You are welcome. There has been an update since I posted this.

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  5. Yeah, I have been screwed by them too. over s simple iPod Touch, what a hassle.

    Jeff 16 April 2009 at 1:14 pm Permalink
  6. Yeah, more to the story again. Will fill you in when we see what happened. She ended up buying a 50″ plasma but now she has been dealing direct with a rep. Make or break time. If the purchase goes well then I will shout if from the rooftops, likewise if it goes south.

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  7. I order from venue even though I noticed they were a little high but the 2 weeks for shipping bothered me..found this post and now I’m worried.

    jennifer 16 April 2009 at 8:56 pm Permalink
  8. The reason that you cannot find anything on the web about Venue is because they used to be a company called Peach Direct-making luxury affordable. sund familiar. My husband bought a 50 inch plasma tv from them at a wonderful price. After a year of making payments(ON TIME) he now owes almost twice as much as the original contract. When the balance started going up instead of down a few months ago, we immediately contacted GE Money Bank who gave us some bullshit expanation as to why the balance was rising. Of course we can’t contact Peach Direct because they have dropped their customers and changed their name as well as their credit partner. Recent coversations with GE moneybank have been fruitless ending with my husband and I telling them we will not pay them another penny. we have told them that they can come and get the tv. We could purchase 2 and a half more tvs for the price they are trying to charge us for this one. there has to be some recourse for the Peach Direct/Venue customers. maybe a class action suite. so check out peach direct on the web, see all of the complaints and then notice that they just changed their name in the midst of all the bullshit. By the way we called Venue today and spoke with custmer service rep who tried to defend their company changing names and leaving customers hanging. STAY AWAY FROM VENUE!!!

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  9. Excellent information. Thanks very much for that.

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  10. ah yeas, I remember when i worked in a little Telemarketing company and we first started workgin for/with We had one mission, when someone calls in with a pre-approved offer GET THEM TO MAX OUT THEIR NEW CARD! I mean they wanted us to max out everyone right there on the initial call.Of course this almost never happened. But these guys wanted subtle agressiveness. We got great bonuses for doign it. So after a few weeks of sellign their items, suddenly it started. People callign in, “hey i ordered a tv and i turned it on andi can hear it but no sound” “hey i got an xbox an it wokre for 1 day now it wont” ” hey i ordered an ipod touch bu you sent me a Zune” “i ordered 4 weeks ag i got my hdmi cable but no TV and i have alrady made a payment” etc.. So in between all those calls we were to keep selling. They gave us an 800 # that waas supposed to go straight to corporate. BS. I mean the main guy or 1 of the 3 they say they have woudl come to our call center and tell us that if there was a problem he woudl fix it pronto. SO, we as peasants, thoguht he surely would. Anyway my supervisor would tell these people no problem take their names and give his, and nothing. Of course my supervisor eventually started tellign us to not worry about tryign to sell stuff to hard, we felt bad. But what they did was, stop all selling/marketing operations for 2 months whie tey switched names and loan banks, then BAM comes in brand new and sparkling clean. Every once in a while things go ok, but i would say you have a better chance at winning 25,000 on a bingo lottery ticket.

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  11. THANK YOU so very much for these reviews. I was almost taken in by with their flashy catalog and long payment options. Guess I will look elsewhere for the camcorder. Thank you again

    Richard 22 April 2009 at 4:52 pm Permalink
  12. Venue Is Former “Peach Direct “,SCAMMERS!!!WARNING!!!!!LOOK UP PEACH DIRECT…….

    Matt 27 April 2009 at 10:07 am Permalink

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